Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thailand 2012 - Part 2

Today we officially started our work in Thailand. Most people were up early (since that is apparently what we do) and were eager to head out to the work site and do what we came here to do. We started off by re-introducing ourselves to the kids and then we divided ourselves into 2 teams: Team Pig and Team Playground. I'm on Team Pig...and I was apparently VERY enthusiastic about being on that team which was funny to me. I have no idea why I was! I guess time will tell...

We didn't have enough supplies for us over at Team Pig so we helped out Team Playground. By lunch we were all hot, sweaty, and couldn't believe how hot it actually was outside. We went to have lunch in the same area we met the kids. All the kids sat in rows facing each other. We mingled in with the kids and sat wherever we wanted. The kids don't say much, are generally quiet, respectful, and just like looking at you and taking it all in. I feel this will change as time goes on but for right now, we are new to them. They went up in rows and and got their food then they brought our food to us. It was DELICIOUS! They said a prayer before eating which we found out was them saying thanks to the farmers for the food and that they wouldn't waste a single grain of rice. Could you imagine being that thankful all the time for your food? So thankful that you would praise God for the farmer and say you won't waste a single grain because of how blessed you know you are to be eating food? I think that is something that we could all learn from.
Gabrielle & the Ice Cream.

After lunch we had some chill time....where we enjoyed ICE CREAM SANDWICHES...that were literally...get this..ICE CREAM....between two slices of BREAD! How hilarious! It was so funny yet so awesome! The ice cream was delicious and the bread was..well...bread...except it was adorable as it was white and pink swirled. 

Yeem carving out a design.
Next we were off to meet Yeem and learn all about the library/art gallery. Her, her husband and kids were there for the summer teaching the kids art. Her and her husband are both into Art and her husband is also a teacher. They are in the process of building a round building that will be a library that also looks out onto the river where people can meditate and read in peace. I had a chance to talk to Yeem while we were working on the outside of the building. She told me about how excited she was for the building to be complete so that it could be a place for the kids exhibit their art. It will give them a sense of pride in their work and themselves for people to be able to come in and see their work. She looks forward to the kids learning the skills so that, once they leave the home, they will be able to sell the art work for income. So amazing! I love her compassion for the kids and her passion for her work. It is so inspiring.

Before Christal and I started work on our snail that we were contributing to the wall, there were 2 adorable children, one Thai girl and one Acca girl, that were taking the gunk we use to make the art on the walls and they were writing the word LOVE. Love is known by all. No matter what language, Love is transferable, we all want it, need it, and will do what needs to be done to have it. My dream is for everyone to give it; openly, freely, compassionately. Those children know of it's importance. They know it in a language that is not even their own. They feel it and can express it to us around them in a way we understand. That is love.

When we got back to the hotel we all cleaned up and then had dinner together. Over dinner JK told an amazing story of Kru Nam and her amazingly endless compassion. He told of a woman who was a brothel owner. As the owner she made the kids beg, have sex for money and she would beat them. Kru Nam and the other workers helped the kids at the drop in centre all the time. They eventually found out the woman who was the brothel owner was sick and needed to be in the hospital for treatment. So...JK took the lady to the hospital and payed all the fees for everything she needed to have done. He told us that the woman would be screaming at him, telling him to leave, and go away, and the people in the hospital would look at him like he was crazy...the only white guy in the entire hospital. They paid all the medical bills for the woman to be treated. This is the same woman who beats the kids, the same woman who takes advantage of these children....but as Kru Nam says, Compassion has no limits. It's a story that is mind boggling but it's a story we should all be able to share. We should be helping everyone...Not just those we are in good relationships with, not just those that can help us out, not just those who look the same or go to the same places. We need to help everyone. Hearing that story was so inspirational. The quote "Compassion has no limits" is something I now want to get tattooed on me as a constant reminder that no matter what, no matter where I am, what I am doing, we are called to always help those who are in need. No matter how terrible people might seem to us, they are someone God loves, they are His children, and someone we should help. I love being inspired by those I meet. I love knowing others have stood up against adversity and are breaking the traditional mold and to know that we can do the same.

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  1. Aelea, this is incredibly moving and inspirational. LOVE "compassion has no limits." There is something so extraordinary about that statement that is intricate and inspirational. Excited for your next post :) x


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