This blog started as a way to document my humanitarian adventures, and while it has continued to document those very things, it has expanded to be a space for me to share and inspire individuals to use love to be the change they want to see in the world.

Love is pretty amazing;
It overcomes hate, is a light in darkness, and is the only force stronger than hope that can be used to positively and completely change a situation for the better. As a Christ-follower, I truly believe God is Love and that statement alone contains enough inspiration and power to change the world!

Love inspires us to go above and beyond to help those around us. From bold interactions with those you love to quiet interactions with the One who loves you most—each one creates inside of you a desire to share the love and positivity with those you encounter. Those we encounter are our global community and they need the love we have to create positive change.

Love Inspires Change is the beginning of a journey to create a community of change makers using a common motive of love to inspire each other to take their own personal skills and talents to the next level—using them to create positive change for people all over the world.

To sum it all up, Love Inspires Change is using love to create and inspire positive world change! Welcome here and I hope you find what you read inspiring, full of love and motivation, and share-worthy.

About the Author:
Hello There! My name is Aelea and I am pumped you are here! I am a self-described humanitarian (and others describe me that way too!), follower of Jesus, baker, wife and adventurer!
I find joy in life in the little things; an inspiring book, an enjoyable cup of tea or delicious cup hot chocolate (can’t forget the marshmallows!), a new recipe turning out well, cupcakes, Jesus, spending time with my husband laughing and enjoying each others company, sweet white wine, autumn days, pretty snowfalls, candles, and all things sparkly and pretty. I love tattoos, lace, and red lipstick. I’ve been known to spend too much time on Pinterest, plan fancy dinner parties in my head, and enjoy a good notebook. I also like cats.

I love the opportunity to share what I have learned and experienced with others, knowing the most inspiration comes through knowing someone is just like you and is pursing dreams and passions with excitement and dedication even in the face of the unknown.

It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you!

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